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As you can see from the scene above, things can get pretty intense, but there is a simple order in which the layers progress. Here I'll show you the list in order of the above scene:
Layer 1: Background
Layer 2: Monorail station platform
Layer 3: Monorail going in the left direction
Layer 4: Monorail full length rail
Layer 5: Monorail going in the right direction
Layer 6: Reality Scaled office building (building on the right behind the trains)
Layer 7: Track
Layer 8: Trains going in the left direction
Layer 9: Trains going in the right direction
Layer 10: Roadway
Layer 11: Vehicles going in the left direction
Layer 12: Vehicles going in the right direction

That's it, that's the break down of what images are in the screen and the order from back to front as they appear in the scene. Scenes like this look complicated to a visiting eye, but it's acually not as complicated to do. Just make sure you keep track of which layer you are working on, where each layer goes, and whether it goes in front of something or behind something and it's just like that for any scene. Action like this takes time to program, and a lot of trial and error to get the right placement on the screen. Some people prefer notepad to work on their HTML, saving it as an HTML file, others use an off the shelf program like Front Page, still others use an online editor, such as the one Tripod has to offer. Which ever works for you is fine, and by all means, if you have any questions, comments, or are unclear about a process, please e-mail me at:

and I'll be happy to help you with any problems you may have. I'm hoping you will enjoy building scenes as much as I have. Thank you, Ed Burchell CEO REALiTY SCaLED TrainGIFs
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