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Browser Compatibility:
An important thing to know in making these animated scenes is that this method is only supported by Internet Explorer since Netscape DOES NOT support the <MARQUEE> tag. There is a java script made for Netscape, but we won't get into that right at this point in time, since you want trains running now. It's acually easier than it looks, and even someone with limited HTML knowledge will catch on right away.

Moving Trains:
To make trains move across the screen you use the <MARQUEE> tag. So with this in mind, it's time to type the first piece of html in the process.
Your first line should look like this:
This doesn't do anything on it's own, it needs an image, so we add an <IMG SRC> tag to it
It now becomes this:
<IMG SRC="http://file name.gif">

**REMEMBER that the "filename.gif" should be the path of your own image and not what's here.

You can add as many images as you would like. But remember the longer the train, the longer the viewer will have to wait to see the end of the train. By now, your html is still incomplete and the trains still don't move. This is because a <MARQUEE> tag needs a closing tag to go hand in hand. To do this try typing:
<IMG SRC="http://file name.gif"><IMG SRC="http://file name.gif"><IMG SRC="http://file name.gif">

This will give you three images going across the screen like this:

Add more images and you'll have this:

You'll notice that there are no spaces or line feeds in between the image tags, this is so that the cars of the train look like they are connected. If you put each of the tags on a seperate line, it would have spaces in between the cars, not exactly what a train looks like is it.
Now that you've done the first step, sit back and enjoy the trains going across your screen, and pat yourself on the back, you've done a fabulous job. But in time, like in model railroading, you'll eventually want MORE. In the next step you will be able to know how to control the trains direction, speed, and how many times it goes across the screen.
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